Coconut Oil and Other Healthy Choices

I do not live by the "organic bible," but I do try to implement habits into my daily routine that are healthy for me and my family. I believe that moderation is key.

With so many processed and unhealthy products (both food and beauty products), I want to try and minimize the intake of chemicals.

Like I said though, I believe in moderation. Yes, I will still eat a box of Macaroni and Cheese and snack on chips every now and then, but if I can make some healthy choices along the way I will!!

I thought I would share a list of things I am doing to keep my family healthy:

These things I have listed above are the few steps I have taken to help keep my family healthier. If I am able to change these few things in our lifestyle, we are helping our bodies  combat the barrage of pesticides, hormones, and chemical that we are already consuming in every day life.