Coconut Oil - For the Hair and Heart

Over the past several months, I have been reaping the benefits of coconut oil. I am really excited about the discoveries I have made about this super food and wanted to pass along my enthusiasm!

It all started with bad hair... I hate to admit it, but my hair has started to look fried. Those blonde highlights my hubby loves so much have started wreaking havoc on my hair.

Thank goodness for coconut oil! I stumbled across an article by Dr. Mercola about the benefits of coconut oil on your hair. In his article, he explains how coconut oil has been proven to actually prohibit protein loss from your hair if used before washing.

I figured what could it hurt? That night I slathered my head in coconut oil, laid a towel over my pillow (did not want to oil to soak into my pillow), and fell asleep. The next morning when I showered I made sure to wash my hair well, so that there was no remaining residue. I even used my conditioner as usual. To my utter astonishment, my hair was not greasy! In fact, it was soft and full! I have been using it ever since.

I wash my hair every other day, so on the nights before I am going to wash my hair, I slather on the coconut oil. When I say "slather," I mean you really do not need much of this stuff. It goes a long way.

After starting to use the coconut oil as a hair treatment, I began to research out its other benefits. I was amazed at what I found.

Benefits of coconut oil:
I think all of the benefits listed above are great reasons to make the switch to coconut oil! I thought I would take the time to share this great discovery!!If you would like to see Dr Mercola's article about the benefits of coconut oil click here.

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