The Puppy Stealer!

Time is a cruel, cruel thing… I'm talking Cruella DeVil, kill-all-the-puppies-for-a-fur-coat kind of mean!!! It feels like every day that crazy, puppy snatching thing called "time" is stealing away moments… moments I'll never get back!

But one thing time DOES give me are 101 precious little puppies to love and take care of. I get to snuggle, kiss, and bury my face in their soft fur… trying to soak up the innocence and cuteness while I can. They are 101 precious memories, and THAT is something that Cruella DeTIME will never be able to steal from me!

But why is it so hard not to panic? I mean… I get this pit in my stomach and feel like I am missing something. Something so incredibly precious that I will never be able to get back ever again. With each new milestone my little guy does, I am cheering him on while at the same time my heart is crying STOP! Each day is stealing just a little piece of my sweet baby, and I am helplessly watching it happen.

I just want to wrap him up and squish him for the rest of his life, but as he runs away laughing because it is more fun to be chased than to snuggle any more… I must remind myself, be thankful! I have a healthy little boy who can throw stones and squeal with delight as we chase our doggy around the yard. I have a little boy who loves me unconditionally and thinks that I hold the moon. I have a little boy who likes to hold my hand while we walk across the yard pointing out the trees and birds. Just because he is quickly losing that "puppy smell," does not mean that these memories cannot be just as sweet!

These are the memories that I hold onto as I watch a little boy grow and learn. These are the memories that I dream about at night. These are the memories that no one can steal from me. And you know what? Without time stealing my moments, I would never be left with these memories.

So thank you TIME for allowing me to experience something so special and untainted… the innocence of a sweet child and memories that will last me until my dying days. I could live 100 years and never tire of reliving the memories of motherhood. I would not trade them for a billion panic free days, because if I'm not panicking about time slipping away, that means that I am no longer savoring every…single… moment!

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.
Psalm 139:14

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