A "Little Blue" Birthday

Better late than never… Am I right? Seriously, who has time to sit down and blog now-a-days? Oh that's right! A mommy who has had WAY too much caffein and is up until the wee hours of the night (lays head back and tries desperately to close eyes… nope… just gunna keep typing).

So I realized I never had the fun of posting all about my little guy's FIRST birthday. I promised myself I would NOT dwell on the fact that my baby is a toddler… must… resist...

OK, after a moment to be all sappy, I'm back. I won't bore you with my precious memories, but I will get on with the good stuff. Pictures!

We had a Little Blue Truck birthday bash. Martha Stewart move on over! This mama enjoyed planning and decorating. Mason jars, paper straws, cupcakes, streamers, and paintings of Little Blue Trucks… time, effort and love went into every decoration. If you want specifics, ask away and I'll be happy to share :)

So without further adieu:

Little Blue Truck Birthday 3 logo

Little Blue Truck Birthday Logo

Little Blue Truck Birthday 2 logo

Are you planning a Little Blue Truck birthday bash? I'd love to hear from you! Let me know what you think :)

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