I failed… but God doesn't!

My pic a day… fail!

This always seems to happen. Life gets away from me. I start something with great intentions, only to find that I have missed my ultimate goal. While I have maintained the bare minimum (posting daily pictures to Instagram), I am so far behind with posting the pictures to this blog that I am throwing in the towel. I give up!

As I regretfully came to this decision, I began to think about how unfaithful people are and how faithful God is! I am so glad that God does not looked at me and think, "I give up… there is just nothing more I can do in/through her!" Though sometimes I wouldn't blame if He did!

God doesn't give up, and He is also not content with just the bare minimum. He doesn't want to make us a "little" like Him. He wants to make us more and more like Himself every…single…day!

If you feel like God has given up on you, maybe you are the one who has given up? After all, we are flawed humans who are prone to let life get in the way. 

I fail in so many areas (both big and small), but God never fails! He will always do what He says… I am so thankful He is ever faithful!

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