Photo Challenge #project365 #mypicaday2014

I have always heard that the older you get the faster time goes by, and after watching this past year disappear, I will completely agree! So this year, I am challenging myself to take a photo a day as a way to capture the special moments throughout the year.

I want to cherish the little moments throughout each day... The victories, the smiles, the beauty surrounding me, everything! I love taking quality photos, but I know if I were to make the stipulation that I have to use my DSLR this project would not last the entire year. So while I'll be using my phone to take photos, they might not be 'quality,' but the special life moments behind them will be beyond words... They will be a snapshot of an amazing world!

Day 1:

Over the past 11 months I have enjoyed using cloth diapers on my son, but today I decided to venture out and MAKE my own fitted diaper! I had a blast doing this and consider it a succes. I do not get much time to craft anymore, so this was a special treat that got my creative juices flowing.

It helps that the model is absolutely adorable! :)