Sheet Music Ornaments - DIY

When my husband and I were first married I bought some cheap ornaments. Over the last 5 years... well... let's just say they are starting to look a little sad.

Rather than just throw these ornaments away, I decided to breath new life into them. Using a little bit of decoupage and some free Christmas sheet music I printed off the internet, I was able to turn drab into fab!

I used one song per bulb, so I have fun reading the snippets of lyrics and trying to guess what song it is.

I am so thankful I was able to repurpose something I bought when we were first married.

How to:
Hint: Be careful not to rub too much once the glue starts to dry. Your paper will start to flake.

I was inspired to do this on Pinterest. When I followed the link however, the direct source it not available :( Thank you to whoever made these!!

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