An Unbelievable Gift

Once again I am reminded that there is no lease on life. The only time that I am guaranteed is this very moment... this breath... now this one... and another. So much can happen in a single day that can change you forever.

Yes, today was one of those days.

This morning I woke up to a single text message that left my heart heavy and my eyes filled with tears. Last night a man that I admire and love like a father was fighting for his life... a fight that he lost this afternoon.

But you know what? Even in his death he was able to give me an unbelievable gift... the gift of this moment. Often, we get so caught up in our day that we stop to truly take in and enjoy the blessings of our life.

When my son smiled at me today, it reached not only my eyes but my heart. When I walked around Bronner's Christmas Wonderland, I allowed the twinkling lights to cheer my soul. As I walked around singing Christmas songs several weeks before Thanksgiving, I smiled because this is what life is about... living in the moment!

The man who loved me like a father gave me some amazing memories that I will cherish forever. I can still picture the smile that spread across his face when I told him we were expecting a baby and he said, "Now I'm going to have TWO grand babies!" The single statement touched my heart more than he will ever know.

As I ate tonight at his favorite restaurant, Cracker Barrel, I was reminded of all the sweet conversations we shared over a meal there. The love, laughter, and companionship... it was real!

One day I will see him again, because I am confident that he had given his life to Christ. Even though I shed many tears today, I can smile because I will be able to hug him again and know that I will get to spend eternity with an amazing man. Perhaps we will stroll the streets of gold or just simple kneel at the feet of Jesus and praise His name. Whatever it may be... it will be glorious.

I envy you David Markin because you are with my sweet Jesus, and I thank you for giving me a precious reminder to cherish every moment. I will miss you here on earth, but just you wait! Maybe we will be riding horses through the fields of Heaven... my favorite riding buddy!

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