Monkey Toes

Who knew that my long toes would be a blessing one day? My husband and I always joked that I have monkey toes... able to pick up an entire room without having to bend over!

Now, they are no longer a joke. They are the real deal! haha...

As I was holding a sleeping Dawson, I was trying to figure out how I could move the pillow on our bed. My solution? Reach out with those monkey toes of mine, grab the corner of the cover and pull it towards me. Voila! 

Since Dawson never woke up, it was a small victory that left me smiling at the things I now do as a mother!

Never again will I laugh at myself for picking up that burp rag, small toy, t-shirt (you name it) that has been left on the floor and flicking it up into my hands using my foot. I'm sure you can get the metal image.

Mom's are always saying they need more than two hands. Well, I just found my extra helpers! BOOM!

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