Crazy for Cloth!

When I told my mom that I would be trying cloth diapers, she thought I was crazy! She told me they were more work than they were worth, and I would completely agree if cloth diapering still entailed trying to safety pin a cloth onto a wiggling/kicking/thrashing human being!! Thank goodness for advancements in the cloth diapering world.

Cost Efficient:

The first week my son was born, my husband and I took a trip to the store to buy some newborn disposable diapers. I think my jaw bounced off the ground the first time I looked at the price of diapers... I mean really LOOKED and did the MATH. Charging over $25 for 96 newborn diapers that my son would go through in less than 2 weeks seemed like highway robbery to me! 

Lets just do the math for fun shall we? I'll even use a $40 per month average...

$40 per month x 12 month = $480 per year x 2.5 years until potty trained = $1200+ in diapers before my son is potty trained!

Even if you invested $400 into cloth diapers, that is still a large savings over the course of 2.5 years. The savings gets even larger if you are planning on using the same diapers on your 2nd and 3rd child like we are planning.

Easy to Use:

Today's cloth diapers are not your mother's diapers. They are super cute with a bunch of different options for you to choose from to suit your taste/style/preference. Since there are so many different options, I will just stick to the 2 that I have chosen to use. 

BumGenius 4.0 - snap closure

I did a TON of research before settling on these diapers, and I was not disappointed. These are my favorite of the two brands I have used thus far. The BumGenius 4.0 is a pocket diaper. This means that you tuck the absorbent layer of fabric into a "pocket." This is perfect for the hubby or babysitter that does not know how to use pre-fold fabric. The pocket is a soft, sueded fabric that wicks away moisture from your baby's tushy. The first time I used them, I wasn't sure if my son's diaper was wet because the top layer felt so dry! This is great for preventing diaper rash. The outer layer is a waterproof shell.

GroVia Hybrid - snap closure

This diaper does not have the pocket like the BumGenius. Rather, this one has a snap-in absorbent liner. What I like about this is when the diaper is only lightly soiled, you do not need to change the whole diaper. You just unsnap the insert and snap in a new one! Only when the waterproof shells gets soiled do you need to change out the whole diaper. There is even a disposable insert that is available for when you are out and about and don't want to carry a bunch of soiled liners with you. These are great for day-time use, but I do not think they are as absorbent as the BumGenius for night time. Though I will say, I have yet to have an explosion with these :)

What's great about both of these diapers is that they are a one-size diaper. Because of the snapping system, the diaper will grow with your baby. I started using them around 9 lbs and they should last up to 35 lbs! 

Poop is Yucky:

Now I know most mothers will tell you that poop is gross unless it is your own child's... This is TRUE! Would I want to stick my hands into a sack of poop-y diapers from a child I do not know? Absolutely not! But for some reason, when it is your own child's feces, the task doesn't seem so bad.

Of course, if it still bothers you, there is always the option of wearing dish gloves. Quite honestly barehanded does not bother me, but for propriety's sake, I wear gloves! Haha

I'm Done:

I've stood on my soapbox and given a shout out for the cloth diaper community. That's not to say I will never use disposable again... I believe there are times when disposable are necessary (i.e. long trips!)... but I do love my cloth diapers!! :)