What will it BEE? The Gender Reveal Party!

Many people have asked me if it was hard keeping the gender a secret, and the answer is no!! Believe it or not, I did not have many close calls. I enjoyed keeping that special knowledge between me and the hubby :) I thought "it" so much, I had a hard time calling him a "he" for a while! haha...

I will say, I did have ONE slip the day before our Gender Reveal Party. Our niece Taylor never even knew I said it, but I definitely used the word "he" when talking with her. Thankfully her two brothers were being boys, rough-housing, and making all kinds of racket. She never even knew that she heard what others were dying to know! haha... She showed up in pink the day of the party. She was a firm believer I was having a girl from day one. Sorry Tay... maybe next time!!

It was so much fun planning the Gender Reveal Party! Even though we were trying to move into our new house, I made the party a priority. Just so long as we had seating, food and family, we didn't need anything else!!

The theme: What will it BEE????

I made this invitation in Photoshop

The decorations: I took the "What will it BEE?" theme and ran with it! All of the decorations were either black, yellow or gray.

The pom poms hanging from the chandelier are fairly simple to make and add a great POOF to any party decorations. Click here to see HGTV's version on how to make these. You can either make the ends pointy or rounded (I tend to like the rounded edges better).  

"What will it BEE?" poster board... I found a silvery gray foam core board at Hobby Lobby and simply painted on the yellow graphics. All of the black was done with a jumbo Sharpie marker.

I made a Cast Your Vote board. This is made from a simple trifold foam core board (a little tip: Do not buy a foam core trifold board. Create your own! This will save lots of money. Simply buy a foam core board and score the back with an exacto knife from top to bottom. Only go through the back layer of paper. The board will then bend forward along the lines you just scored! I believe I scored mine about 6 inches from each side).

The guests: All of our guests were asked to wear the corresponding color for what they thought our baby would be: Pink for girl, blue for boy (I'm sure you get the picture).



The reveal: Cupcakes filled with blue frosting. We had everyone bite into a cupcake at the same time. It was fun watching everyone's reaction as they realized what color the frosting was in the center of the cupcakes! :)

Make your cupcakes according to package directions... I add my own spin to the recipe, but still use the boxed mixes as a base. After the cupcakes have cooled, slit the tops with a knife. You only need to go through the tops... do not slit too deeply. Then pipe frosting into the center. I have frosting bags, but Ziploc bags with the tip cut off would work just as well :) Then frost the top with whatever color you choose... obviously mine was yellow. This will cover the frosting you just piped into the middle. Just a tip, you do not need to pipe much frosting into the center. I found that if you hold the cupcake while piping the frosting, you can "feel" the edges expanding and will know when to stop filling them.

The party: We had so much fun celebrating with everyone! I would definitely do this again... I'll have to start planning for the next time around! haha... It will be pretty hard to top this in my mind. I LOVED the way everything turned out :) I may be a little biased though!

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