It's a... BOY!!!

I know I already gave a brief recap of how we found out the gender, but now that we have announced to everyone the gender, I will give a few more details :)

I had been planning on waiting until our gender reveal party to find out what we were having, but after talking it through with the hubby, we decided it would be really special to have the moment be between just the two of us.

Seeing our sweet baby is always exciting, so at our ultrasound we just sat in awe as we watched our baby wiggle around. We had told the ultrasound tech in advance that we wanted her to seal the gender in an envelope. We figured it would be more fun finding out what we were having outside of the doctors office. Our little baby was being difficult though, and the tech had to check several times before determining what we were having! haha...

Because it was taking her such a long time to determine the gender, the hubby just assumed we were having girl. I have said that we were having a boy from the very beginning, but after the tech had a hard time finding the gender, I have to say... I started having my doubts!

After finally getting the baby to cooperate, the tech sealed a photo of the gender in an envelope. The next few hours were torture! I carried that envelope in my purse for several hours while I ran errands and then headed to our closing.

After we closed on our house, "baby-daddy" had the idea to go to Babies-R-Us and pick out both a boy and a girl outfit. Because both outfits were the same price, we handed the envelope to the cashier and asked her to ring up the correct outfit. The cashier then put the outfit in a gift bag and sealed the top so we could not peak in. Thankfully we did not have to wait long to open the bag.... I don't think I could have handled the suspense any longer.

As we drove to a park, the bag sitting in my lap, I could hardly contain my excitement. Was this really the day we found out what we were having!?! The anticipation had my heart racing a million miles and hour, and I could not stop smiling at the prospect!

While standing on a little dock overlooking a pond, the hubby and I stood across from each other and counted... 1... 2... 3!!! The look on my husband's face will forever be etched in my mind. It is one of the best mental "pictures" I have ever filed away into my memory. When he saw it was a boy, his immediate reaction was one of shock and then pure excitement. The "What? No way!!!" that escaped his mouth made me giggle as he lifted me up and twirled me around. It really was a special moment I will remember always!

As we walked back to our vehicle, "baby-daddy" just kept listing all of the benefits to having a boy first. It was so sweet listening to him talk about how excited he was... I do not think he allowed himself to hope for a boy, but now that he is getting his little hunting parter, his excitement was very evident!

After the special reveal, we went to dinner at Outback Steakhouse. This was the same restaurant we had our first official date. It was amazing reminiscing at how much our lives have come full circle. God has taken us on quite the ride the past 5 years, and it is amazing to see where we are now.

I am so in LOVE with our baby boy! I cannot wait to meet him!!! :)

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