Life and Belly Changes

Where does time go? This Saturday I will be 20 weeks into my pregnancy. We have had so many life changes the past several weeks that time has just flown by!

After moving back to Michigan from Tennessee (big life change #1), we started the process of buying a house (life change #2). I never thought getting approved for a home loan would be such an ordeal... It's a good thing I am so laid back because this whole process could have taken years off of my life! haha... Thankfully the end is in sight. We will be closing on our house this Thursday!! YAHOO!!

Thursday is going to be a banner day for us. The closing on our house is going to seem insignificant because I am also having my 20 week ultrasound. Twenty weeks... wow. I still can not wrap my brain around the fact that I am going to be a mommy, and the thought of seeing our sweet baby and finding out if it's a boy or a girl is making me excited beyond measure!

My expanding belly... life change #3. Yup, I've had to bust into the maternity pants. The rubber band around the button hole is no longer working. Thankfully I can still FIT into my pants, though I can no longer button them! haha... 

I am looking forward to being into our new house and getting the opportunity to "nest." As my belly continues to grow, my love for this child grows with it!

 Life is changing, and God is always good!

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