A Banner Day!

Thursday was amazing! All I can say is that God continues to show His goodness to me through the little and big things in my life.

I got to start off my day by seeing my sweet little baby. It will never get old seeing our baby twist and turn and wave its tiny arms. Since this was my 20 week appointment, we had the option to find out our baby's gender. Wanting to do something a little more special than just having the ultrasound tech tell us whether our baby was a boy or girl, we opted to have her put the gender in an envelope.

With our baby's gender safe and secure in my purse, I headed to the title company to close on our home. Closing costs ended up being cheaper than we expected, AND we found out that we would get to move into our house this upcoming week, which was much sooner than expected! God is good!

After purchasing our home, the hubby and I went to Babies "R" Us to look around (this was HIS idea by the way). We picked out one boy outfit and one girl outfit. We took both outfits to the checkout counter, and handed the clerk both the outfits and the envelope that had been burning a hole in my purse all afternoon. While the hubby and I stepped away, the clerk checked which gender our baby was and put the corresponding outfit in a gift bag.

With the outfit in hand (still not knowing what was in the bag), we headed to the park. I can not even begin to explain the excitement that was welling within me as we drove. The suspense just about killed me! Wave after wave of sheer thrill kept washing over me. Ahhhh!!!!

While standing on a little dock overlooking a pond, we counted "1... 2 ... 3!" SURPRISE! Nope... not going to tell you :) It's our little secret! At least for a little while longer... hehe

We then celebrated by going to Outback Steakhouse. This just happened to be where we had our first date. It was wonderful seeing our relationship come full circle. First time we were there, we were both wondering if God had intended us to be together for the rest of our lives. Now, we are celebrating the most precious gift God could give us... a child.

I cannot help but smile as I type this out... Yup, my life continues to be amazing. I am so blessed!

20 weeks, 11 ounces and healthy!

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