Our Little Wiggle Worm

Over the past several weeks, we had been praying that we would have a healthy pregnancy, so it was with great anticipating that we drove to the doctor's office on Monday.

We "knew" we were pregnant, but when the ultrasound tech turned on the monitor and we saw our baby for the first time... it became so much more real!

Being barely 9 weeks along, we were not prepared for what we saw! Tiny face, feet, arms, and heartbeat. When our baby waved its itty-bitty arm, it was as if it were saying "Hello!" (melt...my...heart!)

With how much our little baby was wiggling around, I was amazed that I could not feel anything yet. It is definitely our little wiggle worm!

As we watched our baby on the monitor, my hubby reached over and grabbed my hand. I knew that moment was just as special for him as it was for me. Because I was so overjoyed, I had nothing but a smile on my face. When I turned to my hubby and saw him fighting back tears, I was overcome by the love that he felt for that tiny little baby.

As I sit here typing out this blog post, I can not help but still be in awe... In awe that God would bless us in such an unbelievable way. In awe that our baby's heartbeat looked like the fluttering of butterfly wings. In awe that I could love something SO tiny SO incredibly much!

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