Hide and Seek

I went in for a doctor's appointment Friday... just a routine check up.

I was so excited as I laid down for the doctor to check TJ's heartbeat. As the doctor moved the wand around on my belly, I was holding my breath in anticipation.

After several attempts, the doctor could not find his heartbeat. I am very thankful that my doctor is a non-alarmist. She made me feel as if this was very normal. She said, at this stage, babies like to play hide and seek.

I could just picture TJ in there saying, "Come and find me!!"

Because she could not find the heart beat, the doctor sent me in for a quick ultrasound. I think TJ just wanted me to be able to see "him" ("it" just doesn't sound right... haha).

Happy to say I got to see my sweet baby and hear the "thud-thud" of the tiny heart. It was 164 BMP.

Healthy baby = happy mama!! :)

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