My Easter Duds

Last year we were able to go home to Michigan for Easter, but over the past year, we have become very involved in our church choir. When we started practicing for our Easter Cantata, we knew we would not be able to go home. Thankfully, every day is special with family... not just the holidays! :)

I want to pause here to let everyone know how thankful I am to serve a risen Savior. Not only did He die for my sins, but He rose again to show his power over the grave! He took all my sins upon his shoulders as he hung on the cross... the perfect Lamb of God. He is the only one who can stand before God and say, "I died for HER." My faith in His death AND resurrection is the reason I can confidently say, "To be absent from the body is the be present with the Lord." (II Cor. 5:8)

While we were not able to spend time with our family in Michigan, we were able to spend it with our extended family here in Tennessee... we are so thankful that the Family of God is far reaching!

We had a wonderful morning celebrating the resurrection of our Savior, and then enjoyed a yummy lunch with our close friends Terry and Kristina... We will never stop thanking God for giving us such wonderful friends!

Before lunch though, we took the time to snap a few pictures of us in our Easter duds. I think we were all eager to get into some "comfy" clothes, but we were looking so spiffy, we had to document it! hehe...

(Ummm... yep!)

Since we had two church services in the morning, we had the entire afternoon to ourselves. We spent that time with great conversations, naps, and a fun time fishing... yes, I can bait my own hook and take the fish off the line (well... most of the time. Thankfully for the few times I can't, I have my honey to look after me!)

(Not the most flattering photo... but I love it!)

Curling up in a cozy bed with the love of my life at my side was the perfect end to the perfect day.