Small Blessings on Warm Evenings

It's barely even March and already we are having 75 degree days. I love being able to go outside in short sleeves and be completely comfortable, and this is coming from a girl that is NEVER warm. haha...

The evening was too beautiful not to take advantage of it, especially because there was a threat of storms rolling our way. So Maxie and I decided to sit out on the porch and read a good book. Well, I did the reading... he had fun watching people walk the streets of our neighborhood.

(Pardon the camera phone quality!)

For those of you who do not have a dog, you are missing out on a loyal friend. He is a constant companion, and he is content to just be with me. In the 45 minutes I sat on the porch, he was right by my side (except for the 1 minute he took for a bathroom break... hehe). Despite the fact that we do not "speak the same language," he understands me. He knows when I am sad and when I am happy, and tonight, he knew I was content.

I am very thankful for the small blessing God has sent my way. He has given me his beautiful creation to appreciate, a faithful dog to sit at my side, and a loving husband who enjoys making me happy.

There is nothing better...