No Pies in this Pie Cupboard

A few years ago, I stumbled across this beauty at an estate sale in Michigan. Since my husband's mother is an avid cupboard lover, I knew what a great deal I was getting on this gorgeous piece of history. I immediately fell in love with it, and recruited my father-in-law to help me haul it home. Because he loves me SO much... he agreed :)

I knew it needed just a little TLC, but as time would have it, I never got around to it... until now. I was at Hobby Lobby recently and found this fabric. I thought it was the perfect blend of vintage/modern, and I also was in love with the texture of the fabric. For those of you who love to sew, I found that my new favorite it called "printed duck." I wish I could describe it with a more visuals, but it is very "sturdy" feeling.

I knew I wanted a pleated look, so I bought extra fabric to make it "bunchy." I also purchased some decorative fabric tacks to create these pleats. The pictures below explain the method I used to create pleats... I do not know if this is "correct" way, but it worked for me :)

I used the inside of the door, so you would not see any unfinished edges from the outside...

I made a mark every two inches, so I knew where to put the pleat.

Then I would make a crease that was lined up with the 2" mark I had made.

After folding the fabric back in the direction I had come, I made another fold and continued back in the direction away from where I had started. This created a "gathering" about a half inch in diameter.

I then hammered a tack through the "gathering."

I repeated the process until the end.

After doing this to both panels, this was the end result! I loved the way it turned out.