The Girl with the Crazy Pink Heels

It is coming up on two years since I met my best-y Kristina. Since then, my shoe collection has never been the same! She is one of those people who has been blessed with a Size 6 foot... a shoe size I could only DREAM of fitting my big toe into! She is a shoe-aholic that has won me over to the dark side... and I thank her for it! 

Whenever we go shoe shopping, I always head to the clearance rack first to see what deals I can find. Of course, I only ever find awesome Size 6 shoes. As you can expect, my enthusiasm to pass the shoes off to Kristina is a little lacking! :)

The first time we ever went shopping, I knew we would click. When Kristina started trying on crazy hats, I snapped a quick picture. She will probably hate me for posting this picture, but it is one of my favorites! It was our first girl-date that consisted of shopping and Chili's! 

When we moved to Tennessee, I was concerned that I would not find a friend right away, but I never dreamed that the Lord had prepared a friendship for me before we even started heading South. I am very thankful that He takes care of us...even by providing lifelong friendships!

Love ya girl! :)