Valentines Day - Felt Wreath

I am addicted to Pinterest! I enjoy being inspired by all of the creative DIY projects that I find on there. Even if I am not looking to make something specific, I can usually find a project on there that gets my "creative" juices flowing. 

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I wanted to add a little bit of "love" to the atmosphere. When I saw this felt heart, I knew this would be perfect!

I wanted to share with you how to make this because it is incredibly easy and fun to make... it doesn't hurt that it only cost me $7!


- 18 pieces of felt (they are 4 for $1.00 at Hobby Lobby)
- Medium sized foam heart
- Pins
- Scissors
- Pencil
- Cup that is around 3-4" in diameter
- Ribbon of choice

1. Using the cup as a guide, draw circles on the felt. I have found that you can fit 6 circles on 1 sheet of felt. If you place all the circles towards the outside, you can use the strip of unused felt from the middle to wrap your foam heart.

Here I tried fitting more than 6 circles on the felt, but obviously it didn't work! haha... 

This was the best placement of the circles. Cut out the unused strip from the center to warp the foam heart.

2. Using the strips you cut out, wrap the foam heart. You will use your pins to secure the felt to the foam.

3. Cut out the circles, there will be a TON of them! You will probably get tired of cutting them out. I took a couple "mini" breaks. :) Once these are cut out, fold one circle in half and then fold it in half again. 

4. Pin the folded circles to the heart. To ensure the best look, pin the folded circles in different directions (some horizontal, some vertical, some diagonal... I'm sure you get my drift.)

5. Once you have completely covered the front of the heart, using a ribbon of choice (I just used a scrap piece I had left over from Christmas), pin it to the back of the heart. This will be used to hang the heart. Fold the ribbon in half and pin it in a "V" shape to the middle of the heart. (Back view of the heart)

6. Find a cute place to hang it, and you are done! I already had "wintery" theme on my fireplace mantle that I was not quite ready to take it down yet, so I just added a splash of red to it. I loved the result!

Here are the original instructions that I followed. I made a slight modification to these instructions: I am not a fan of unfinished surfaces, so I chose to wrap my heart before adding the folded circles.