Nashville Birthday Bash

Where does time go? I have been meaning to do a post about my birthday. Already a month has flown by and still... nothing! It is not that I did not have a wonderful birthday with a ton of fun things to share. Time just quite simply vanished this month!

So here is the re-cap:

The day of my birthday, several of my close friends suggested that we go out to dinner and go to a Predators game (this is hockey for those of you who do not know the Predators). The hubby and I are devout Detroit Red Wings fans, but since the Nashville Predators were not playing the Red Wings, we felt we could go and support them considering this is our "hometown" right now. I am sure the Red Wings will understand :)

Prior to going to the game, we ate at the Cheesecake Factory. The hubby and I usually split a meal because the portions are so large, but since this was my birthday, we splurged and BOTH got our own meal! To top it all off, we each ate a huge piece of cheesecake... you know you can not eat at the Cheesecake Factory and not eat some cheesecake! The hubby usually gets the Adam's Peanut Butter cup, but I always have to have the classic Red Velvet Cheesecake. If there was ever a dessert to die for... this might be it!! 

After eating all of that food, I felt like I would just bust. Thankfully we parked a long ways from the hockey stadium and got to walk off everything that we had eaten!

The hockey game was a ton of fun, and the Predators won! The only downside was that the people sitting behind us were belligerently drunk and cussing like sailors, but thankfully, after I politely asked them to "watch their language," they were better. What do you expect from Chicago Blackhawk fans!?! haha... 

A couple weeks later, we were still celebrating my birthday. The hubby had bought me tickets to the Grand Ol' Opry to see my "boyfriend" Josh Turner in concert!!!! You know that he is secure in our relationship if he was willing to take me to see Josh Turner :)

Earlier that day, we went to the NWTF Convention (National Wildlife Turkey Federation)... yes, I am a hunter!! In fact, I shot my first deer... a buck I might add... this past year. I will post a story about this later. Anyhoo... we had fun walking around, looking at all of the booths, and then later, got to sit in on a "question and answer" with Mark and Terry Drury.

After the convention, we went to the Caney Fork for dinner. They have live catfish you can pet, and of course, I did!!! :) I also ate some dead catfish...haha! This restaurant has the best corn fritters in the world. I recently tried copying the recipe at home, and they turned out really well! (hmmm... another post idea!)

Then, it was off to the concert! It was so much fun feeling a part of the history. The Grand Ol' Opry has been around a long time, and they are keeping the tradition alive by broadcasting a live radio show during the performances. The show was different than we expected it to be: each artist only played a couple songs, and there were "commercial" breaks. I loved it though! Like I said before, it felt like we were part of history and keeping the tradition.

One of the neat things about the Grand Ol' Opry is that they allow you to come right up to the stage. Of course, when Josh Turner came out, I had to be right in front. Sitting there with all the drooling girls was worth it though when he touched my hand! I have not washed it since! 

Ok... well, maybe I have.

My birthday was very special because I got to spend it with special people! Thank you to everyone who put so much thought into my birthday. Love you guys!