The Day I Met the Love of My Life

This afternoon my wonderful hubby walked through the door with a bouquet of red roses. He loves to buy me presents and leaves me notes around the house, but usually flowers are reserved for very special occasions. This was no exception! He told me that these flowers were to commemorate the day that we met. What a sweet man to remember not only birthdays, anniversaries and even holidays, but also the day that he met me!

Five years ago this week was the day that I met the love of my life. At the time, I lived near Lansing Michigan, when a friend of mine invited me to visit Michigan Tech's Winter Carnival. Michigan Tech is a university in northern Michigan. It has the reputation of being very cold and accumulating several feet of snow each winter. Each February, they host what is known as Winter Carnival. During this celebration, fraternities build life-size snow sculptures, and there are a slew of activities, including a "Snow Ball."

I am usually not one to take a spur of the moment trip to a location 8 hours away, but I had this strong feeling that I needed to go on this trip. Thus began a whirlwind weekend that would change my life forever.

Upon arriving at Michigan Tech, I learned that I would be staying in a house rented by 10 guys, affectionately known as the "Bridge House Brothers." That weekend, there were over 20 people staying in the house. The girlfriend that invited me to go with her was dating one of the guys at the time (they are now married with a cutie little boy and another on the way), and my husband was also one of the "Bridge House Brothers."

We bumped into each other while I was being given a tour of the house, and it was love at first sight... well, at least it was for me! He took a little convincing :) I am not sure how it was love at first sight though because my hubby had scraggly hair and a beard... you see, he and the other 9 guys in the house were planning a "Mullets and Mustache Party." They had all been growing their hair, including facial hair, in preparation for this party. The all looked like a bunch of hoodlums!

The evening that I arrived, my hubby took me and two other girls on a snow mobile ride. I was the only one willing to try driving it. My spunk and willingness to try something new intrigued my husband, and thus began my "woo-ing" him. :) There is something about a man and a fast vehicle that gets a girl's heart pitter pattering!

Because my girlfriend had met my hubby on several occasions, she knew him fairly well. She informed me that he was a wonderful Christian man who had a heart for Christ. Because she spoke so highly of him, I wanted to get to know him even better

The next day was the the "Snow Ball." I did not have a date for the dance, but as we were walking into the building, people began to pair off. My hubby and I were put together... I may or may not have hoped for that ;) I remember feeling like I was floating when he held my hand led me out onto the dance floor. There was a jazz band playing, and we talked as we swayed back on forth to the music. I suppose you could say this was our "first date." It was definitely an evening to never forget!

That night, the group of us played Apples to Apples. For those of you who know how to play, my hubby kept picking my card. He later confessed that he was cheating so that I could win. Now, I do not condone cheating, but it is a sweet memory :)

After a brief two days, it was time to head home. I was disappointed when my hubby did not ask for my phone number, but a day later he contacted me via Facebook. Rather than making it awkward and asking for my phone number in front of everyone, he chose to wait a day. I have to say, I was quite relieved when he contacted me.

On Valentine's Day, he sent me my first text message and asked me to be his "texting valentine," and the rest is history. He still makes me float!

I am so thankful that the Lord gave me the desire to visit Michigan Tech one cold February weekend five years ago. I do not know what I would do without my sweet baby cakes!

Love you babe!