Winter Wreath

Thanks to a vivacious friend of mine, I was inspired to create a winter wreath. As you can see, the colors are far from your typical Christmas or wintery theme, but they are fabulous! I tend to be a little more traditional in my decorating styles, but this friend of mine (who I affectionately call "Lafonda") brought out my spunky attitude during this craft project.

For this project, all you need is a glue gun, 3+ different ribbons all varying in size, fun accents and a grapevine wreath. These can vary in size depending on how big or small you want to go. Then get creative! I had fun digging through the Christmas bins at Hobby Lobby... Pink poinsettias, purple berries, sparkly balls, black and white beading, and shimmery snowflakes. It all came together to create a clash of pure awesomeness!

Putting the ribbon on the wreath was not as difficult as it looked. I literally just tied a bunch of bows and left the tails long! The trick is to not have all the bows facing the same direction... it is ok to have some horizontal, some diagonal, and some vertical. If you try to make it too uniformed, it will not turn out properly.

I added my "fun" pieces as I went along. As I was tying the ribbon, I would insert my miscellaneous items. ***Do not glue your items down until you are absolutely sure that is where it is staying. In fact, I completed the wreath and then went back to glue down the few items that could not be attached simply by twisting the end in.

The "J" is simply a wooden letter that I painted with acrylic paint. It does not have to be anything fancy. Remember, imperfections make a project unique (coming from a perfectionist! haha)!!!

I hope this has inspired you like my friend "Lafonda" inspired me!

Happy wreath making!